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Weed Science Society Of Pakistan



  1. Contributors do not have to be members, however, copies of journal and reprints will be provided free of cost to members only.
  2. Article should be typed in double space.
  3. Common names of herbicides should be used and rates should be given in active ingredients.
  4. For weed species botanical names must be used. If local/common names are unavoidable, it must be accompanied with botanical names at the foremost appearance.
  5. Acceptance of the paper is subject to the understanding that it is original information and has not been and will not be published else where.
  6. Following format should be followed.
    1. Title with Authors (s) name (s) and institution (s).
    2. Abstract 200-250 words.
    3. Introduction (should include literature review).
    4. Materials and Methods.
    5. Results and Discussion.
    6. References Cited.
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    7. Tables and illustrations: The unit (s) should be in metric system. The table and illustrations with captions should be placed at the end of the texts, but their place in the text should be indicated.
    8. Reference should be cited in the text following name-year system.
  7. The authors should submit a soft copy of the article on floppy or CD along with a hard copy in triplicate.